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I found a treasure trove of old slides

I used the downtime over the holidays to go through boxes of old prints and slides. I’ve been selectively sharing some of them on social media, but since they cover more than 50 years, it’s unrealistic to share them all. I’ve been struggling with how to preserve them and keep them available to both me, […]

Super Blood Wolf Moon

It doesn’t look like the weather here in Montreal will be conducive to watching the lunar eclipse tonight, but here’s an image that I took late last summer by mounting my Canon 60D on my telescope.

Autumn leaves

Snow is now on the ground. But before that happened, we were able to enjoy some spectacular fall colours.


Classroom, a photo by robtain on Flickr.

Chicago Road Trip – Part II

Tonight we’re in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We left Burlington, ON this afternoon around 3 pm after having lunch with some friends. Instead of crossing the Ambassador Bridge at Windsor, we opted to cross the border at Sarnia. The wait was very short and the traffic was light.

Road Trip to Chicago Part I

Day 3 of our road trip to Chicago draws to a close. We’ve packed in a visit to the zoo and two family visits since we left our home in Montréal. The kids love the zoo, and even though it was a long and tiring day, they both loved it. Seeing the pandas was a […]

Québec Lower North Shore photos

Here is a gallery of some pictures that I took on my three trips (so far) to Québec’s Lower North Shore (a.k.a “The Coast”). [juicebox gallery_id=”9″]

A Manual focusing tip for Canon DSLR users

I am continually surprised at the new things that I learn about my camera. Despite having read much of the manual and used my Canon EOS 60D for more than 18 months, there are still a few tricks that I keep coming across. I was taking some indoor photos in low light yesterday. The autofocus […]

A collection of Montréal photos from Flickr

I’m trying out a new HTML5 gallery plugin for WordPress called Juicebox. I’ve used it here to fetch all my photos from Flickr tagged “Montreal” [juicebox gallery_id=”1″]