Bell Customer Service woes

One relatively happy customer service experience exposes the lack of any true customer service at Bell.

If you’re connected to me on Facebook, you may know that we recently experienced some frustration with Bell customer service related to the installation of Fibe TV in our house. To sum up, we were Bell Satellite subscribers and we received a highly deceptive phone call from a Bell telemarketing representative informing us that our service was being upgraded and scheduling an appointment. What we were never told was that:

  • We had the choice to refuse;
  • There is a $100 “migration fee;” and
  • Channel packages are not portable and have to be re-selected post-installation.

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Blog changes

I finally got around to working out a few bugs in the WordPress theme that I’ve been using (K2). I’ve been watching the K2 release candidates regularly for updates so that I could fix this once and for all. My sidebars were disappearing randomly, rendering my sidebar content relatively useless. Hopefully this will work better.

It may break again the next time I upgrade WordPress.

I’ve added a couple of new photgraphy sites to the blogroll, so please check out those links. The time has come to _blank_ or get off the pot as far as blogging is concerned, so I will try to find some genuinely interesting info to post here in the coming days, weeks and months. Thanks for reading!