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  • I don’t want to make sweeping generalizations, but there are a few in particular that stand out, like SilverFast scanner software, iShowU, and others. It could be that the developers are really on top of things, but it can’t hurt to be in the “just updated” list almost continuously.

  • I just took a look at the DB and iShowU does release new versions quite a bit (almost once every week or two). As for the SilverFast releases, they appear to do a separate release for different models (the version number is the same, but the model number supported is different — you can quickly see what I’m talking about here).

    Also, a good way to check frequency of releases is this:

    1) go to a particular product page, for example: iShowU

    2) click the dropdown next to “Information Related to Version”

    That’ll give you the version and release date history of the product (at least as far as what was submitted to us).

    Hope that explains things a bit.

    – jim

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