Twitter Away Your Life With Social Networking

From Wired:

“The internet is to human interaction as Pringles are to potatoes. Companionship and closeness are processed into an unrecognizable slurry, then reconstituted as an unnatural recreation of their original incarnation.”

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Videomaru: A great Flash video tool

A student of mine recommended a great Flash video tool called video.Maru. It’s a component which allows a developer to create customized video players without any knowledge of ActionScript.
All you have to do is create MovieClips on the stage with the correct names. I am experimenting with it now and will post some more impressions here as I go along.

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Second “shot” at a photo

Grey Nuns II
 Originally uploaded by robtain

Based on feedback, I went back to my downloaded images and cropped a shorter focal length version of the Grey Nuns doorway shot that I posted earlier.

This version should be a little bit more balanced. I find that the effect of the door colour is diminished a bit, but overall it’s a nicer shot. I wonder if I should Photoshop the branches out of the frame…

Time to move on to something else…

Experiments in Photography

Grey Nuns

Originally uploaded by robtain

This is a picture that I took while walking around in Montreal last week. It is the front door of the Grey Nuns convent. I pumped up the saturation a little in Aperture before posting this.

I’d like to go back and redo this shot. A critique that I received in Flickr suggested that it might benefit from a better balance between the right and left of the door way.


I use to keep track of new updates for the software
that I use. Some software programs seem to be updated on an almost
daily basis. I can help but wonder if this is a case of
“versionjacking”; issuing incremental updates so as to always be in
the list of updated software.