Save Our Internet Radio – The View from Paradise

Don’t let the RIAA silence your favorite Internet radio station!

When I read about the onerous fee increases that will be levied against Internet radio stations, I was sorely disappointed. From the little that I have read on the subject, these fees seem not only outrageously high, but punitive.

I sincerely believe that Internet radio with its ability to specialize and cater to specific audiences, is the future. Personally, I haven’t listened to commercial radio regularly in years. The only time that I do is when I’m in the car, my iPod isn’t handy and there’s nothing on the CBC.

A particular favorite of mine is Radio Paradise. They play an eclectic assortment of music that seems almost perfectly tailored to what I enjoy. Under the new fee structure, the royalties that they will have to pay about 10x more than they do today, effectively putting them out of business.

As a Canadian, there’s not much I can do except support the stations that I like and to urge others support them. If you are in the U.S., please write your Congress person and let them know that Internet radio is worth saving.
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